The World's First NFT Cannabis Club


  • Trap Ape Gang - TAG Classic, TAG Kingping, Crypto, Cannabis & Culture. TAG Cannabis, TAG NFT, TAG Club, TAG Lounge

    The TAG Classic

    Membership Cost: 0.2 ETH
    Token Availability: 2,222 NFTs

    ~ TAG Lounge Access ~
    ~ 25% Off Top Shelf Cannabis Line ~
    ~ 25% Off TAG Product Line ~

    *Lifetime Membership & Discount*

  • Trap Ape Gang - TAG Classic, TAG Kingping, Crypto, Cannabis & Culture. TAG Cannabis, TAG NFT, TAG Club, TAG Lounge

    The TAG Kingpin

    Membership Cost: 0.420 ETH
    Token Availability: 1,111 NFTs

    ~ TAG Lounge Access ~
    ~ 50% Off Top Shelf Cannabis Line ~
    ~ 50% Off TAG Product Line ~
    ~ Celebrity Meet And Greets At Exclusive TAG Events ~

    *Lifetime Membership & Discount*

100% of funds raised from our NFTs are invested back into the TAG community and future TAG projects.



  • PHASE 1 - TBA

    1) Launch TAG NFT’s
    2) Secure real-estate in Los Angeles for the first TAG Lounge
    3) Launch TAG Flower Brand in California
    4) Launch Party With Special Celebrity Guests

  • PHASE 2 - TBA

    5) Innovative Industry Product Drop

    6) Innovative Merch Drop
    7) Vegas Private Jet Blowout
    8) Donation To The Pico Youth Center

  • PHASE 3 - TBA

    9) TAG Lounge Grand Opening

    10) Sandbox TAG Mansion + Metaverse Airdrop

    11) TAG Ape NFT Collection Drop
    12) TAG Mini Game

  • PHASE 4 - TBA

    13) Expand TAG flower brand to all US recreational states

    14) TAG LA Concert
    15) The Radioactive Blunt (Mutation)
    16) BAYC Fusion



    TAG Classic: 500 NFTs


    TAG Kingpin: 333 NFTs

    TAG Classic: 500 NFTs


    TAG Kingpin: 333 NFTs

    TAG Classic: 500 NFTs


    TAG Kingpin: 333 NFTs

    TAG Classic: 500 NFTs

    TAG Kingpin: 112 NFTs
    TAG Classic: 222 NFTs

    *Reserves are held back to further the brand, engage the NFT community, partnerships and collaborations to ensure the project's success*


  • Mark Hoashi - Founder / CEO

    Founder of ROACH, Mark took the cannabis community by storm with their patented vape tech. A serial entrepreneur, he also has founded The DOJA APP and BaDOINK VR. A thought leader in both the cannabis and tech space, he has been interviewed and featured on CNN with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CBS Evening News, Fortune, Inverse Magazine, Vice, Wired News, Rolling Stone & NY Post.

    M.S. Information Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology

  • Steve Son - Co-Founder / COO

    The VP of Operations at ROACH with decades of experience in Finance and SaaS start ups. His dedication to Cannabis led him to catapult ROACH into 360 dispensaries within months. He’s successfully managed hundreds of relationships  and mentored various teams to always keep the bottom line green.

    B.S. Finance, CSU Sacramento

  • Tomi Kuwa / Director of Product Development

    As the Co-Founder of ROACH, Tomi is a true pioneer and visionary mogul in various tech companies such as Konica Minolta. Tomi designed and patented an innovative approach to maximize the THC consumption in vaping through the ROACH device that broke the standards in the industry. 
    B.A. Optics, University of Rochester

  • Matt Wallick / Director of Cultivation

    Founder and creator of Wally Drops. Matt has 33 years of experience working with indoor and outdoor commercial cannabis grows. Advanced knowledge of both soil and hydroponic. Featured in The LA Times 2011 Higher Grade of Pot.

  • Toshi Lu / Director of Media Marketing

    Los Angeles native, elite creative Toshi Lu has been immersed into the world of marketing since he was 17 years old. He has years of experience working with talent and brands alike in an effort to define and develop integrated marketing campaigns that reach the masses while leaving a lasting effect in the evolution of Crypto and NFT spaces.

  • Rey Santos / Director of Digital Marketing

    The Director of Marketing and Design at ROACH who created every asset known to the empire. From strain cards to IG posts, you’ve experienced his creativity and dedication to the brand. Prior to ROACH, he successfully created dozens of wine and spirit brands nationwide that led him to control the digital assets of ROACH.
    B.A. Digital Media and Interactive Systems, University of Central Florida

  • William Vongsykeo / Guerilla Marketing

    William Vongsykeo is a Network Engineer with 15 years of experience in data implementation & provisioning. He also obtained a minor in business marketing to expand his network and to maintain his clientele relationships.
    B.S. Computer Info Systems, Rochester Institute of Technology

  • PJ Black / Brand Strategist

    ROACH's Brand Ambassador, PJ's brand evangelism escalated ROACH into a nationally recognized brand name it is today. A 3 time WWE Tag World Champion, PJ is a pro athlete in wrestling, skydiving, wingsuit and paragliding. He is also pro poker player, entrepreneur and venture capitalist.

  • Reggie Thimes / Graphic Artist

    A 25 year old Los Angeles based artist focusing on combining eastern and western styles. Blending his 10 years as a traditional artist with his new found skills in digital art to create a new style recognized by many.

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